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Chapter 41 Sick

  • When Xia Mo regained consciousness, she found that she was already lying on the bed.
  • She opened her eyes and noticed the man who sat by the bedside and stared fixedly at her.
  • Her head felt heavy, her body was listless, and her throat was dry. She realized that she was sick. Xia Mo slowly sat up, and the man quickly helped her to prop herself up. Instead, she swiftly avoided his hands. Because of her sudden movement, she grew dizzy, lost her balance, and hit her head on the headboard.
  • She was fortunate that the headboard was made of a soft material, so it didn't hurt too much. However, the "bang" had echoed into Ling Yichen's heart.
  • His hands froze in midair as he watched her sit herself upright again. He then put his hands down only to deliver a glass of water to her.
  • Xia Mo's throat hurt incredibly, so she did no acted melodramatic towards him. She took the glass and drank it until it was half empty.
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