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Chapter 39 Without Nostalgia

  • Ling Yichen sat in his car below his apartment and stared fixedly at the doorway of the apartment complex.
  • He had long known that such a day would come, but he had never thought that it had come so fast.
  • He had wanted to wait until their relationship was stable and then explain to her in detail about their past. He had wanted to shower her with his love and promise her that he would treat their child well. Yuanqi was also her child, so she would have no need to worry about him not being able to tolerate her second child.
  • He would be by her side for each day until he would grow old. However, what use was this now?
  • Xia Mo cried in her room for a while and then spaced off. When she completely returned to focus, it was already past eleven.
  • She first went to the bathroom to wash her face and then placed all her belongings back in her luggage. She glanced around the place which she had claimed "home" not long ago, put the bank card and keys on the stand beside the doorway, and left the apartment without any nostalgia.
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