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Chapter 38 Coincidence

  • "Sister, why aren't you moving?" Lu Wanqiu's voice sounded from behind. She then took a step up and stood next to Lu Wanru. She smiled at her and turned around to look. A surprised gasp was elicited from her. "Yichen?! Miss... Xia?"
  • Startled, Xia Mo got up from her chair and looked at Ling Yichen, whose face was darkening, with puzzlement.
  • Who might these comely ladies be?
  • Ling Yichen icily glanced at them. "What a coincidence."
  • Lu Wanru glimpsed at Lu Wanqiu who looked back at her with gloat. Rage boiled within her.
  • She knew that Xia Mo had lost her memories and just how much Ling Yichen cared about her. She could only suppress her fury and explain, "It is quite the coincidence. Lu Wanqiu told me that she had selected this restaurant out of numerous others and wanted to have a meal here at this time."
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