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Chapter 36 Apple of His Eye

  • Without a trace of expression on his face, he flatly said, "I need to speak to you alone."
  • Lu Wanqiu's smile turned rigid. Her eyes began to grow dewy. "You don't want to take a look at the child first?"
  • Ling Yichen's glimpsed at it with his deep-set eyes and without walking up to him, he merely replied, "Child looks good."
  • Lu Wanqiu's expression became glacial. "You're not some guest. You're the child's father. From birth until now, how many times have you come over and seen him? Now that you saw him, all you could say is, 'Child looks good'?"
  • Ling Yichen slightly knitted his brows. He knew that what he had done was wrong, but surely, showing affection for the child wasn't the right thing to do either, was it?
  • "Wanqiu, I need to speak to you alone," repeated Ling Yichen.
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