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Chapter 34 Break Down the Door

  • "What... What are you doing?" Xia Mo quickly grabbed his wandering hand. "You promised that you wouldn't do that tonight."
  • "Don't do what?" How could the man, who had long known of her weakness, possibly listen to her? Not long after, melodious sounds filled the air and the atmosphere became steamy and intoxicating.
  • The next morning, just when the two were sleeping soundly with their bodies entwined, the sound of *bang bang* on the door resonated, prompting a scare from Ling Yichen and Xia Mo.
  • "Can't be the police, right?" Xia Mo's complexion paled. She hastily grabbed her clothes from the side and threw them on her.
  • Ling Yichen looked at her with a bemused expression. "What are you afraid of? You have me. What's there to hide?"
  • "Hurry up and put on some clothes! What if it really is the police?!" Xia Mo then helped him dress. "Seriously, hurry! Don't wait until they break through the door!"
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