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Chapter 33 Bubbly

  • "I'll take care of it tomorrow." How could Ling Yichen possibly throw away the bag of used personal care items? There were CCTVs in the hallway. He didn't want to lose face.
  • "That's not good at all!"
  • Xia Mo insisted on throwing it away, but Ling Yichen, out of exasperation, grabbed it before she could. "What should I do with you?!"
  • "It's my trash, so I have to clean up after myself. This is a lesson that has been taught since kindergarten." Like a bubbly little bird, Xia Mo followed behind Ling Yichen.
  • "Relax. Form now on, your business is my business. I will help you." After that had been said, Ling Yichen carried the bag of trash with one hand, held her hand with the other, led her out of his office, and headed towards the emergency stairwell. He then threw the trash into the bin outside of the storage room and washed his hands. Subsequently, he wrapped his arm around her and walked her to his exclusive elevator.
  • After the two of them had eaten dinner, Ling Yichen dragged her into a jewelry store and bought a pair of couples' rings. Engraved on them were the initials of the first part of their names.
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