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Chapter 31 Tenderness

  • Xia Mo could feel, with certainy, his tenderness towards her. She was beyond elated. No longer as resistant, her tone with her became more casual. "Where is my mother? I want to see her tomorrow."
  • Ling Yichen froze. He knew that Mama Xia didn't know of Xia Mo's situation nor whereabouts, but her friend Mo Na did. Therefore, he could not allow her to meet them just yet.
  • "Your mother still doesn't know of your amnesia. If you suddenly appear before her and say that you lost your memories, won't she be worried to death? Why don't you just let her assume that you're still working somewhere else? Once you recover your memories, then you can find her."
  • "But... Maybe if I see her, I'll be able to remember the past?" Xia Mo looked at him with a hopeful expression. "I don't recall anything from my past. My heart is constantly feels plagued by worries."
  • "You have me. What do you have to worry about?" Lin Yichen raised his hand to pinch her cheek. "I'm just afraid that if you appear in front of her like this, she'll get overwrought and fall sick. I'll bring you to the hospital for a check-up. Let's see what the doctor has to say."
  • "I've already done a check-up. Bowen, he...." Thinking that he did not know who Bowen was, she explained, "He's the one who saved me and happens to be a doctor. He already checked me several times. He said that not only do I have a dozen centimeter-long scar on my belly, I also have a few wounds on my head. That's probably how I got amnesia."
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