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Chapter 30 Mutual Love

  • “What was I like before? Very bad?” Xia Mo was extremely curious about her past. “If I was bad, then why did you still pursue me?”
  • “Who said that I was pursuing you?” Ling Yichen became lighthearted after she had spoken. “Where did your confidence come from? Did you pick it up from a wholesale vendor of the street?”
  • “If you didn’t pursue me, it can’t be that I pursued you, right?!” Xia Mo immediately grew displeased. “How could I possibly go after a man who is ten years older than me?! Absolutely no way! If I had to chase after someone, it’d be a young guy!”
  • Ling Yichen immediately realized that discussing this topic with her was not a wise chase. As a result, he coaxed her, “It’s mutual love. Love at first sight. Didn’t need either of us to chase after the other.”
  • “Oh really?” The woman had doubt written all over her face.
  • “Of course.” Ling Yichen patted her messy hair and asked, “Hungry yet? I have someone on standby at the canteen. What do you want to eat? I’ll get him to bring it for you.”
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