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Chapter 299: Reunion

  • The resort village was located in the countryside, at a spot surrounded by hills and lakes. There were flowers all over the place and scenery was indescribably beautiful.
  • "This place looks even more beautiful than the architectural rendering!" Xia Mo exclaimed. While walking down the tree covered path and admiring the exquisite white houses lining both sides of the lane, she could feel a pleasant sense of carefreeness wash over her.
  • "Come, look at this," Li Tiezheng said, gesturing at her to follow him. Then, together, the pair went between two houses and arrived at a man-made riverway that measured about seven meters in width and three meters in depth. Both its sides and bottom were paved with sea-blue tiles.
  • "When this place is ready, we are going to fill it with water, fish and assorted waterweeds. This river is approximately two thousand meters in length and it will go through the village in a 's' shape. At that time, holidaymakers will be able to go boating and fishing on the river. And almost every bungalow here is built next to the riverway."
  • "We must also pay attention to the safety issues," Xia Mo remarked. She could already imagine just how beautiful this place would become in the future.
  • "A CCTV camera will be installed every five meters. And we will have security guards doing twenty-four-hour patrols along the path. Also, my people are designing an alarm that will sound out whenever an object falls into the water. They tell me it will be ready anytime soon."
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