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Chapter 298: Meiqi

  • Upon hearing this, Liu Yanzi turned to Lu Zhentian and said, "Qingqiu will do as well, but don't you think it is a rather common name? Can you go find out how many Lu Qingqius there are out there?"
  • "Alright, I will get my people to investigate." Lu Zhentian nodded his head but, still, he could not help feeling dissatisfied with the name. "Qingqiu is not a unique enough name, and it also sounds a little similar to Wanqiu. So how about we pick another name?"
  • "Mm, your father is right. We had better pick another name," Liu Yanzi said as she nodded her head.
  • Liu Yanzi, too, also felt ill-disposed toward the name "Lu Wanqiu."
  • "In that case, how about Kexin?" Then, after thinking some more, Xia Mo said, "Or how about Aiqi? Or Meiqi?"
  • Suddenly, Xia Mo thought of Yuanqi. "Instead of using the 'qi' (琦) in Yuanqi's name, I want to use another 'qi' (琪) for my daughter's name." In a moment, she picked up a pen and started scribbling down more names on the paper. "And then, we can name her Aiqi, Meiqi or Tianqi. Which one do you like best?"
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