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Chapter 297: Giving Birth

  • At first, Xia Mo had wanted to go for a cesarean delivery, but Liu Yanzi had put her foot down to the idea.
  • The latter had told her daughter that a child birthed the natural way would turn out to be smarter and healthier than a child delivered via cesarean section.
  • But now that Liu Yanzi was alone with Lu Zhentian, she decided to tell him the truth of what she was thinking. "Our daughter is still young, so it is very likely that she will one day meet a man who will love her. And when the two of them starts to get closer to each other, I am sure they will want to have kids of their own."
  • "So what? You think they wouldn't be able to afford to have more kids?" Lu Zhentian had no idea what his wife was trying to tell him.
  • "What on earth are you thinking about?" Liu Yanzi rolled her eyes at him and continued, "According to the doctors, a woman will no longer be able to give birth after undergoing cesarean delivery twice. And our daughter has already had a cesarean section when she gave birth to Yuanqi. If she gets another cesarean section today, how do you expect her to have another child in the future?"
  • Lu Zhentian understood where his wife was coming from. No matter who their daughter ended up with, the relationship would not be a lasting one if the couple did not have a child between them.
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