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Chapter 293: Going Too Far

  • After hearing what Ling Yichen had to say, Lu Zhentian's mouth nearly fell open in shock.
  • During the Lings' last visit, Mr. Ling's words and Ling Yichen's stuck-up attitude had made one thing quite clear: It was no longer possible for Xia Mo to be with Ling Yichen. So why was the young man changing his mind now?
  • "Why are you still harping on this?" Lu Zhentian was truly frustrated. "Do you think we Lus are pushovers? Let me tell you, we are not at your beck and call! Don't you think you are going too far?"
  • "I have already told you this before. Xia Mo is my legally wedded wife. Therefore, it is only right and proper for her to live together with me and our child. I don't understand why you are questioning my intention. Surely, we do not have to go to court over this matter......"
  • "Ling Yichen, do you think I was born yesterday?" Lu Zhentian slammed his hand on the table angrily as he shot to his feet. "What marriage certificate? I have already sent my people to investigate! According to them, you and Xia Mo are both single!"
  • Ling Yichen was taken aback when he heard this. "How is this possible?"
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