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Chapter 283: On the Brink of Tears

  • Just as Lu Zhentian was tottering on the brink of tears, he suddenly received a call from Ling Yichen.
  • For a moment, the former dared not pick up his phone; after all, he had no idea what the younger Ling's attitude was going to be.
  • "Why aren't you picking up?" Old Master Ling turned his head to frown at Lu Zhentian. "What? Are you afraid that it is a creditor calling to collect?"
  • Lu Zhentian was so angered by the remark that he answered the call immediately. "Hello?"
  • Since receiving the news of his grandfather's trip to Beijing, Ling Yichen had been chasing after the old man from D City. And while the young man was on the road to the capital city, he had found out that his grandfather had already arrived at the Lus' residence. After hearing this new information, he had not been able to stop himself from worrying and so, in the end, he decided to give the Lus a call. "Is my grandfather over at your place?"
  • "Yes, he is," Lu Zhentian said as he looked at the provocative old man. And then, in an ill-mannered tone of voice, he added, "Do you have any other instructions for us?"
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