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Chapter 281: Worried

  • Finally, after enduring the tirade for a while, Ling Yichen lost his temper and frowned at Old Master Ling. "Grandfather, Yuanqi is my son and your great-grandson!"
  • The old man froze in mid-speech and then, after blinking his eyes hard, he continued speaking. "So what if he is your son? He only has himself to blame for having such a lousy mother!"
  • Suddenly, Ling Yichen felt that he no longer had anything to say to his grandfather.
  • At first, he had been worried about his grandfather's health. But, after their chat, Ling Yichen could see for himself that both the old man's lung capacity and vitality level had only improved since waking up from the coma. In that case, the young man decided, he could put his worries to rest.
  • "Well, sir, please continue to drink your tea and read your newspapers here. I am going to rest in my room for a while."
  • When Old Master Ling saw that his grandson was going to ignore him, his anger immediately shot up by several notches. In the next instant, he started screaming at the young man's retreating back. "You stop right there! I am not done talking yet! Where do you think you are going?"
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