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Chapter 28 Embrace

  • Ling Yichen felt the woman stop in her tracks. With a smile on his face, he gripped her hand, pulled her to his front, carried her to the glass window despite her struggles, and pressed her against it.
  • “It’s more beautiful here, is it not?” He looked at the woman who had tightly shut her eyes and chuckled into her ear, “Open your eyes and see for yourself.”
  • “I don’t dare to.” Her shoulders brushed against the window as she turned around. Frightened, she screamed and threw herself into the man’s embrace. Xia Mo held onto him tightly and buried her face against his chest.
  • The man heartily laughed as he held her. Without giving her time to react, his hands wandered inside her shirt.
  • Flabbergasted, she shoved him. However, she ended up backing herself into the window. Scared out of her wits, she clung onto his neck.
  • The man laughed even more heartily. His hands boldly caressed her everywhere.
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