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Chapter 277: Ashamed To Accept His Help

  • "You silly child. The fault is all mine. I have made you suffer so much. From now on, I will no longer do any bad deeds. I will spend every day chanting the buddhist sutras and, hopefully, all of you will be able to live in better times henceforth."
  • Liu Yanzi had already planned to do this some time ago. But while being held at Ling Yichen's place, she had not been able to find a single sutra. Now that she had been freed, she was finally ready to begin accumulating good karma for her daughter and grandson.
  • "That's great!" Xia Mo started to caress her stomach as she leaned against her mother. "We will have to do more good deeds as well and truly become good persons."
  • "Alright. We will do it your way." Liu Yanzi said, as she nodded her head repeatedly to signify her agreement.
  • After disembarking from the vehicle, Xia Mo was momentarily taken aback to see Li Tiezheng standing outside. And then, immediately afterward, her surprise was replaced by embarrassment.
  • Even though they were not a couple, she had constantly been on the receiving end of his help. When she thought about this, it made her feel ashamed for having been the recipient of his kindness.
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