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Chapter 27 Familiar

  • Xia Mo felt as if she was floating in the air on a soft, fluffy cloud. She had no energy left within her and could only limply cling onto the man’s shoulders, so that she wouldn’t fall down.
  • She had to admit that she most likely knew this man. Otherwise, why would that heavenly sensation feel so familiar to her?
  • In addition, she felt her body warming up and her heart ached with desire, as if she wanted more but didn’t know what that something was.
  • She shut her eyes and unconsciously nudged her body against his. Ling Yichen wanted to immediately pleasure her in the car.
  • Although their current location was well-concealed from plain sight, jumping the gun was a disrespect not only to her but also himself. At the very least, cleaning up afterward posed a problem.
  • He reluctantly moved away from her lips and retracted his hand from underneath her shirt. He then held her up and sat her down on his legs.
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