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Chapter 267: She Is Pregnant

  • After hanging up the phone, Xia Mo turned her head to look at the open-eyed Ling Yichen.
  • "What?" Ling Yichen asked, as he removed the hand that he had placed on her body. "Who called?"
  • "Angela is pregnant," Xia Mo said indifferently.
  • "Angela?" Ling Yichen had to repeat the name before he could remember who the woman was. "She is pregnant?"
  • "She said the child is yours. Why don't you go ask the doctor if we can use her cord blood?" And as Xia Mo said this to him, an indefinable feeling arose in her chest.
  • "This is bullshit! How could her child be mine?" Ling Yichen sat up in bed right away. "You know what? I don't even remember touching her at all!"
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