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Chapter 266: Nipping This in the Bud

  • "The doctor said that's a possibility." Ling Yichen looked at her and continued, "I think it's better to nip this in the bud. If something does happen, then call for the butler right away. He knows what to do."
  • Xia Mo's heart tightened in her chest. She could feel it hurting painfully just from the thought of something like this happening to her son.
  • "In that case, we had better do it one more time," Xia Mo mumbled, as she bit down on her lower lip.
  • "I am a little tired. I haven't recovered enough yet. How about you act a little more proactive?" In truth, although Ling Yichen did feel a little worn out, he could still move his body. But, even so, considering Xia Mo's frosty demeanor, he did not think that sex would feel good for him just then.
  • Xia Mo continued to lay on the bed motionlessly. But, inwardly, she was rolling her eyes at her man.
  • "Quick, get on top of me." The moment Ling Yichen pictured the sensual scene in his head, he could feel his blood rushing to the lower half of his body. And as he did his hardest to suppress his reaction, he reached out to grab hold of the woman. "Hurry up!"
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