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Chapter 265: Happy To Give This a Shot

  • Naturally, Xia Mo thought the same too. But since Ling Yichen had not believed her words, the thought of getting to the bottom of the mystery had never crossed his mind. At the same time, she had made no mention of this to her father, for she had not wanted to add on to his burdens.
  • "But how are we going to sleuth out the truth?"
  • "Your mother once told me that each time she assigned a task to someone, she would deposit a sum of money in that person's bank account. But I have no idea who was the person who did the poisoning. Why don't you try to find that out from Ling Yichen? Once we have the information, I will get my people to investigate the culprit's and his family members' banking records."
  • "Alright," Xia Mo replied. Although Ling Yichen was treating her rather shabbily just then, she was still happy to give this plan a shot; especially when she thought that it might smoothen the relationship between their respective families.
  • And then, just before Lu Zhentian left, he suddenly recalled what his daughter had said earlier. "Oh, by the way, what did you mean when you said you wanted to get pregnant? Are you thinking of doing this because you want to help cure Yuanqi's illness?"
  • Xia Mo nodded with a sad look on her face.
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