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Chapter 26 Misty

  • “Yes, I really do know you.”
  • Ling Yichen edged closer towards her. He pondered briefly and decided not to touch her.
  • “I’m amnesiac.” The sparkles in her eyes disappeared. The corners reddened, and her large eyes grew misty. “A year ago, I got into an accident, so I can’t remember anything anymore. Can you please tell me about my past? Other than an ID, I know nothing else.”
  • “Amnesiac?!” The first thing that Ling Yichen thought of was Lu Wanru and her genius doctor brother, Bowen. Her amnesia must be related to them somehow.
  • He hadn’t counted how many times he had asked Lu Wanru, but she would firmly reply “I don’t know” to him each time. Is she so certain that I will never be able to find Xia Mo?
  • “Where did you stay at for the past year?” Ling Yichen inquired.
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