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Chapter 256: A Chance Meeting

  • "Don't let the man opposite see me," Mo Na whispered in her friend's ear. "Quick, take me to the restroom! Hurry up!"
  • Xia Mo hurriedly looked in the direction her friend was talking about, and then she saw a smiling gentleman walking toward her.
  • She was momentarily taken aback. Why was he here?
  • "Xia Mo, fancy meeting you here?" Li Tiezheng smiled, as he walked over to stand before the two women.
  • Suddenly, Xia Mo felt her friend's body stiffen. Could Li Tiezheng be the man her friend had been talking about?
  • Although Xia Mo did not understand what was going on, she decided that there was no way she could undermine her best friend. "I am having a meal here with my dad and my friend. She is not feeling well, so I am taking her to the restroom."
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