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Chapter 250: Panic

  • On his face, a smile of sincere happiness could be seen. It looked as if he was still deeply in love with her.
  • But Xia Mo only found herself growing colder and colder.
  • This Ling Yichen was like a stranger to her. It felt as if he was a mannequin wearing a human mask. And she was afraid and panicked to be in the presence of such a monstrosity.
  • "Five days later, on the sixth of June, Lu Xiamo and I will be holding our wedding ceremony at Marriott Hotel. All of you are welcomed to attend!"
  • As Ling Yichen boomed at the audience, he grabbed hold of Xia Mo's hand and raised it into the air.
  • And just like that, the matter was decided. Neither Xia Mo nor her father was given the opportunity to contradict Ling Yichen. Meanwhile, Lu Zhentian continued to focus his gaze on his daughter. In his mind, neither Liu Yanzi nor Yuanqi mattered as much as his daughter's happiness.
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