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Chapter 25 Go Mad

  • Disheartened for the entire afternoon, Ling Yichen had long left the company headquarters. He had cooped himself up in his office for hours already; however, if he were to stay any longer, he would unequivocally go mad!
  • To his surprise, he had coincidentally found her standing by this intersection.
  • Her long, wavy black hair was loosely draped down her back like midnight seaweed. It made her heart-shaped face appear more delicate. Her eyes were bright and spirited, the brows were finely arched. Her long lashes lightly fluttered with every blink. There was a hint of pink flush on flawless fair skin. Her thin, rose-colored lips emanated youth and allure.
  • He discovered that she had become more beautiful than before.
  • “Miss, are you lost?” Two motorcycles pulled up in front of her. One of the men took off his helmet and greeted her. “Heading somewhere? I can give you a ride.”
  • As if he was watching the scene from this morning replay, Ling Yichen strode up to the woman, pulled her into his embrace, and asked with a gentle but low voice, “Where do you want to go?”
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