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Chapter 247: My Father-in-Law

  • Kaufman sighed inwardly. In truth, he had done his investigations properly and, according to the intelligence he had obtained, Ling Yichen should still be in Germany at this point in time. So why was he here now?
  • As for Xia Mo, her lack of courage was truly worrying. The moment she saw Ling Yichen, she had reacted like a mouse faced with a cat. With her behaving like that, it was difficult not to attract the his attention.
  • But Kaufman knew that, unless they found out exactly what had happened to Lu Zhentian, Xia Mo was not going to leave with him.
  • "Oh? But didn't you already divorce the eldest daughter of the Lu family?" All of a sudden, Kaufman found himself regretting his decision to return Xia Mo to China.
  • "Yes, I did. But the Lu family has more than one daughter." Although Ling Yichen was speaking in a relaxed tone, one could still hear the gravitas in his voice.
  • In the meantime, Xia Mo continued to keep her head down. But, inwardly, she was shocked beyond description.
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