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Chapter 24 Intentional

  • Xia Mo had a messy bun on her head, and she wore a multicolored, fitted t-shirt and dark blue jeans with white canvas shoes. She curiously looked about the airport as she pulled her dark blue luggage.
  • Ling Yichen’s eyes were fixed onto her. She stood in the bright sunlight and continuously looked around, but she did not notice him at all.
  • He had such an outstanding presence, so how could she possibly not see him? Was she doing this intentionally?
  • Unable to control himself, he walked towards her.
  • Just when he was a dozen meters away from her, a man suddenly strode up to her. Ling Yichen paused in his tracks.
  • “Hi. Xia Mo, right?” The man was tall and lean, and he wore glasses. Still huffing, he apologized, “Sorry. Took longer on the road than I planned.”
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