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Chapter 233 I Will Owe You a Favor

  • Ling Yichen looked at Kaufman and then spoke up coldly. "If you are thinking of stopping me by force, you should make a call to Steuer von Otto before you do that."
  • Kaufman was taken aback. He had not expected Ling Yichen to have such an impressive background. To think that the visitor from the Orient would not only know his grandfather's name, but also have the audacity to tell a member of the von Otto family to ring up their family head!
  • Having said his piece, Ling Yichen carried his son back to the car. Afterward he took out his phone, typed out a message and then tapped the "send" icon. Once he had done that, he stood there and quietly waited for the response.
  • He had assumed that mentioning the name of the von Otto family's head would make Kaufman restrain himself, but that would soon turn out to be a false assumption. Ling Yichen did not understand Kaufman's personality and had underestimated the latter's courage.
  • The young master of the von Otto family was the sort of person who could be reasoned with, but not coerced. So instead of backing off when he heard Ling Yichen's threat, he decided to call for more backup instead. And this time, his helpers would be armed.
  • Shortly afterward, both Ling Yichen's men and Kaufman's helpers arrived on the scene at around the same time. But because the two groups were evenly matched, neither of them wanted to be the first to back off.
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