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Chapter 232 You Aren't Picky At All

  • "Please talk in a more civilized manner!" Kaufman said, as he stepped forward to shield the huddled women from Ling Yichen. "My name is Kaufman von Otto."
  • "Von Otto?" Ling Yichen quickly tried to recall if he had heard this particular family name before. "So what? Are you trying to be a busybody?"
  • "NO!" Kaufman wagged his finger, as he started speaking in both Chinese and English. "I am not a busybody. They are my friends. So you can talk to me, if you have any problems with them."
  • "Why should I freaking do that?" Ling Yichen turned to look at the men behind him and, right away, two of them stepped forward to pull Kaufman aside.
  • Xia Mo hurriedly stepped in front of Kaufman and said, "This has got nothing to do with him. Please let him go!"
  • As Ling Yichen looked at the worried look on Xia Mo face, he could not help sneering at her. "Why didn't I notice this about you before? To think you are such a slutty woman. In the past, you have tried to protect Leng Junsheng, Li Jiyao and Li Tiezheng. And now, you are trying to protect this German guy. You aren't picky at all!"
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