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Chapter 231 Came From Thousands of Miles Away

  • Lu Zhentian had used a trusted subordinate as his go-between for his communications with his company. And for their escape to Germany, his family and himself had used air tickets and travel documents that belonged to other people. Lu Zhentian thought that his plans had been flawless but, in the end, it had taken Ling Yichen no time at all to track down him and his family.
  • Ling Yichen arrived at the Lus' residence in Germany at approximately five in the afternoon. But before he could disembark, a black Maybach S-class brushed past his car and stopped in front of a nearby colorful two-storied house.
  • And then, before the Maybach's driver could get out of his vehicle, the house's gate was opened by a middle-aged woman, dressed in a grey shirt and a pair of black pants. A moment later, she started walking toward the Maybach with a smile on her face.
  • The woman had a face that looked like it had experienced the vicissitudes of life and, as Ling Yichen regarded her face, he suddenly had the impression that he was looking at the older version of Xia Mo!
  • Right away, he knew who he was looking at.
  • Even though he had never before seen Liu Yanzi without make-up on!
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