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Chapter 23 Yuanqi

  • When Ling Yichen reached the hospital room, he discovered that it was empty!
  • He ran back out and found Lu Wanru outside of NICU. “Where is she?”
  • Lu Wanru had never imagined that he would be back so early. Her chest tightened. She didn’t know if they had brought Xia Mo out of the city yet or not.
  • “I’m asking you where she is!” Seeing that Lu Wanru did not respond to him, he hurriedly asked again, “Where did she run off to?”
  • “She woke up not long ago, said that she wanted to leave now that her task has been completed, and asked me to escort her out,” Lu Wanru calmly replied, “I told her that she could stay. I’ll comply with her wishes.”
  • Ling Yichen’s eyesbrows shot up and he looked at Lu Wanru with a strange expression. “You couldn’t wait until I came back? She had just finished surgery, and you escorted her out? Do you not know that a woman who had just given birth cannot move around?! Where did you send her to?”
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