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Chapter 229 Faintly Shaken

  • "I told my men to alter our travel documents, so there is nothing to worry about." Lu Zhentian picked up Yuanqi and walked Xia Mo over to the waiting car at the entrance. "Don't overthink things. Since this matter has already come to pass, we can only take things one step at a time. Mo Mo, I want you to keep this in mind. No matter when, I will always be by your side."
  • Xia Mo felt herself tearing up right away.
  • In the past twenty odd years, Xia Zhixiong had never spoken such words to her.
  • She had been feeling cold and dead inside, ever since her escape from Ling Yichen. But, now, after listening to Lu Zhentian's words of affection, she could feel the warmth returning to her frigid heart.
  • Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in China, Ling Yichen had arrived at the Lu family's pharmaceutical factory. And then, after expending a certain amount of effort, the isolated zone in the innermost area of the workshop was finally found.
  • But when he entered the secret lab, he found that the place had already been emptied out. At a glance, one could easily tell that the things had been moved away very recently.
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