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Chapter 226 Grudge That Arose From the Murder of One's Mother

  • "Don't do anything stupid!" Lu Zhentian said hurriedly. "It wouldn't matter so much if you had told him this before. But, now, you must never tell him the truth! Disregarding the two who are currently in a coma, Ling Yichen has already suffered the loss of two family members. Who knows how much hate he has for us right now?"
  • "Loss of two family members?" Xia Mo got so frightened that her limbs went cold. "Could it be that you also have something to do with Old Madam Ling's death?"
  • Lu Zhentian had assumed that Xia Mo had known about that incident. But, now, he realized that that had been a false assumption. So he hurriedly tried to fudge things over. "Actually, I don't know the details. I think Ling Yichen does not know the details as well. I only heard your mother mention it in passing, but I did not question her further."
  • "What are you people planning?" Xia Mo was truly enraged now. "Even if you were estranged from the Lings because of Lu Wanqiu, was there a need for you to poison them? You have committed murder! You have broken the law!"
  • "Mo Mo, please speak softer. Don't get agitated." Lu Zhentian was regretting his earlier decision to tell Xia Mo about Old Madam Ling. "I don't really know what happened to Ling Yichen's grandmother. But, right now, no matter what, you must not tell him that you are our daughter. I fear that he may harm you in a fit of anger."
  • "Then what should I do now?" Xia Mo sat down on the window sill and looked out at the gate in the courtyard. "Old Madam Ling, Mr. and Mrs. Ling. They are all people Ling Yichen cares about the most. And, yet, you have...... Ling Yichen will never let the matter rest!"
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