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Chapter 22 Pitiful

  • “Not yet,” Ling Yichen whispered back to her. “Who’s watching over the baby?”
  • “Mrs. Wu, Mrs. Li, and and Mrs. Feng are.” Lu Wanru walked to the bed, looked at Xia Mo, and pitifully remarked, “She’s lucky to be alive.”
  • Ling Yichen’s face darkened for a bit. After a long while, he asked, “What is your plan for her?”
  • Mixed emotions flashed in her eyes, and she warmly answered, “Whatever she wishes.”
  • “If she agrees, then let her stay in that small house.” Ling Yichen looked at Lu Wanru and firmly remarked, “This child is yours. If she births another, that child will be hers.”
  • Lu Wanru arched a brow. After a long moment of pondering, she responded, “When I first sought her out, I only told her to birth a child for me. As for other matters, she’s free to do whatever she wants. I don’t have the power to interfere nor do I care.”
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