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Chapter 214 His Daughter

  • Throughout the meal, Liu Yanzi and Lu Zhentian had not acted overly ingratiating, so Xia Mo was left feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. In the end, Ling Yuanqi even let Liu Yanzi carry him for a while. The latter was so touched that she nearly burst into tears.
  • A while later, Xia Mo looked at the time and decided to call it a day. And as she was leaving the restaurant with Yuanqi, both her birth parents reluctantly escorted her to her car. When the vehicle vanished from their sight, Lu Zhentian pointed to a car in front and barked a command to his wife. "Get in there!"
  • Liu Yanzi looked at her husband. All signs of joviality had already vanished from his face, so she meekly got into the back seat.
  • Once inside, Lu Zhentian got straight to the point. "Stay in touch with Xia Mo whenever you can find time. Right now, she is the apple of Ling Yichen's eye."
  • "Of course, I want to contact her more often. But I don't want to cause her any trouble. She doesn't seem to want other people to know about her relationship to us." And then Liu Yanzi wiped away her tears in a half-serious and half-pretentious manner. "Mo Mo is such a pitiful girl. She had to grow up with a father like Xia Zhixiong. She most probably did not have enough to eat and wear while she was growing up. She must have suffered a lot."
  • "What is the point of bringing that up now?" Lu Zhentian frowned unhappily. "If you had been a more decent person and had not associated with indecent men during your school days, then all this would not have happened."
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