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Chapter 212 Come Visit Us When You Are Free

  • If Xia Mo was only slightly stirred to see Liu Yanzi, then she could be said to be genuinely shaken to see an emotional Lu Zhentian standing before her.
  • "I have already told your father everything last night. He got so agitated that he couldn't fall asleep. He even insisted on seeing you right away," Liu Yanzi whispered to Xia Mo. "But afterward, I told him you did not want Ling Yichen to find out about your relationship with us, so he forced himself to wait till dawn before hurrying here to wait for you."
  • Xia Mo lowered her gaze, and her lengthy eyelashes acted to obscure the sadness in her eyes. In the meantime, her finger had started to subconsciously trace a circle on the nearby table.
  • "My child, please ease your mind. I am not going to let this matter rest!" Lu Zhentian coughed slightly and, when his voice was no longer hoarse, he declared angrily: "I am going to make Xia Zhixiong pay the price for what he did!"
  • "No!" Xia Mo hurriedly raised her head to object. "In all these years, he has always treated me well."
  • "So what? When it comes down to it, you are not his flesh-and-blood child. And that was a malicious set up!" Liu Yanzi said angrily. "What if his creditors had used you to threaten him? Would he have saved you?"
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