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Chapter 211 Parents Acknowledging Their Child?

  • Xia Mo returned to the Ling's residence later that night and, as she was hugging her son, she could not help thinking about Liu Yanzi.
  • Considering how Liu Yanzi had looked at that time, she must have felt really terrible.
  • But Xia Mo was still torn about whether to accept Liu Yanzi as her mother or not.
  • "What are you thinking about?" Ling Yichen sat down beside her and hugged her in concern. "I noticed you didn't have much appetite during dinner. Are you alright?"
  • "It's nothing." Xia Mo turned her head around to smile at him. "I ate too much at lunch, that's all."
  • "Who did you eat lunch with?" Ling Yichen asked desultorily.
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