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Chapter 210 Extremely Flustered

  • The corner of Xia Mo's eye twitched involuntarily and, all of a sudden, she felt extremely flustered.
  • "May I know what business you have with me?"
  • "I have something important to discuss with you." Liu Yanzi took a step forward and tried to grab hold of Xia Mo's hand. But when the older woman saw the latter avoid her subconsciously, she hurriedly withdrew her outstretched hand.
  • "Let's talk here," Xia Mo said with a frown.
  • Liu Yanzi looked around at the crowds of students who were going to and fro through the gate, and then she whispered pleadingly to Xia Mo: "There are too many people here. Let's find a less crowded spot, alright?"
  • Xia Mo thought about it for a moment. "Okay, let's go to the sports field."
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