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Chapter 21 Grief-stricken

  • Ling Yichen helped Lu Wanqiu stand on her feet while he continued to gaze at Xia Mo. She looked very frightening. The blood on her lower half chilled him even further. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something but could make no sound.
  • His body quivered as he released Lu Wanqiu. He wanted to run towards the woman, but Lu Wanqiu held onto his sleeve. With support from the stair’s handrail, she sat down and massaged her womb. With a pasty complexion, she wailed, “Yichen. Yichen. My belly hurts. Our child...”
  • Emotionally torn, he glanced at the two women, but soon, the apparent struggle in his eyes dissipated. With a grit of his teeth, he at last picked up Lu Wanqiu, ran up the stairs, and hollered with a grief-stricken voice, “Doctor!!!”
  • Xia Mo watched as the man disappeared from her view. At the same time, the woman in his arms peeped her head out and smirked at her in triumph. Xia Mo woefully smiled back.
  • She caressed her belly, bitterly wept, and apologetically muttered to her baby, “I’m sorry!”
  • She subsequently closed her eyes, collapsed to the ground, and fainted.
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