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Chapter 203 A Suitable Opportunity

  • "Miss Xia, Mr. Ling has specially instructed me to prepare some black chicken soup for you. Why don't you have a taste?" Mrs. Feng said as she placed a bowl of fragrant chicken soup in front of Xia Mo.
  • But Xia Mo did not even look at Ling Yichen, and only offered her thanks to Mrs. Feng. "Thank you."
  • If truth be told, Yuanqi was the only happy person at the dining table. Because he had grown up eating Mrs. Feng's cooking; one might say that, while still a fetus in his mother's womb, Yuanqi had already been eating Mrs. Feng's cooking.
  • Therefore, anything that Mrs. Feng cooked pleased his palate.
  • When Xia Mo saw how happy Yuanqi was as he ate his food, she became cheerful as well.
  • As Ling Yichen looked at the smiles on their faces, he wanted to share in their joy as well. Unfortunately, both mother and child did not seem to be paying heed to him.
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