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Chapter 201 A Deep Quagmire

  • Xia Mo felt the shock reverberate through her mind as realization dawned on her. She had fallen into a deep quagmire and, now, there was no way for her to climb back up.
  • "Why are you not leaving yet?" Ling Yichen turned around to look at Xia Mo. "Are you planning to live in this room or are you trying to steal a peek at the passcode to my safe?"
  • "I......" Her eyes swiveled around in their sockets and then, as she clenched his teeth, she suddenly pounced on Ling Yichen before he had time to react. After pushing him down in the corner, she snatched away the packet containing the contract, stood up and then prepared to run away.
  • But Ling Yichen reached out with his long arm and pulled her into his embrace. "Where do you think you are going?"
  • Xia Mo struggled to extend her arm; she did not want him to be able to get his hands on the document packet. But, as it turned out, Ling Yichen's hands were not reaching for the document packet, but grabbing for her chest.
  • "Ah!" Xia Mo screamed. Right away, she swung the hand that was holding on to the document packet and backhanded Ling Yichen across the head.
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