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Chapter 198 Too Huge

  • The scale of the fight was too huge. As a result, many residents in the surrounding units were now spectating the brawl from their windows.
  • Meanwhile, Li Tiezheng and Ling Yichen were both getting into the police vehicles cooperatively. As for Yuanqi, he was handed over to Xia Mo.
  • Ling Yichen's driver had followed his employer's instruction and kept Xia Mo from leaving the car. But he had not stopped Yuanqi from entering. In the end, with both Xia Mo and the toddler in his car, the driver left the condominium and followed behind one of the police vehicles.
  • Once the vehicles arrived at the police station, everyone was let go immediately; they were not even asked to give their statements.
  • Ling Yichen got into his car first, and Li Tiezheng ended up standing in front of the vehicle to stop the former from leaving.
  • As for Xia Mo, she was still holding on to Yuanqi. Suddenly, she could feel her head hurting.
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