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Chapter 197 Came To Pick up My Son

  • The next morning, Ling Yichen arrived at Li Tiezheng's condominium just as dawn was breaking.
  • But Li Tiezheng had already prepared a countermeasure, so Ling Yichen was only able to loiter below the building. And as the latter looked at the black-suited men surrounding him and his car, he could not help snorting in derision.
  • After a while, he got into his car and gave Li Tiezheng a call.
  • When Li Tiezheng saw the caller's name appear on his phone, he stood up in a hurry, gripped the phone in his hand and turned to Xia Mo, who was just then helping Yuanqi put on his clothes. "Excuse me while I take this call."
  • "Mm." Xia Mo nodded. Meanwhile, Yuanqi was rubbing his eyes with his tiny hand; he looked as if he had not had enough sleep.
  • After entering his study, Li Tiezheng finally answered the call.
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