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Chapter 195 Jubilance

  • No matter how much Ling Yuanqi stretched his neck, he could not reach the food at the end of the chopsticks. So when he heard Li Tiezheng's words, he immediately responded with a "Daddy."
  • "Good boy." Li Tiezheng happily placed the food into Yuanqi's mouth. Afterward, he even kissed the toddler on the cheek.
  • "Daddy, want. Delish." Ling Yuanqi had no idea what "Daddy" meant, but he knew that the grown-up in front of him would give him delicious food if he said it. And so, without the slightest bit of hesitation, he said it again: "Daddy, want more!"
  • "Oh yeah!" Li Tiezheng ran into the kitchen and scooped some rice into a bowl. After he returned to the dining table, he jubilantly fed more food to Ling Yuanqi.
  • When Xia Mo saw this, she said: "He can eat by himself."
  • "It's not a big deal. I will feed him." Just then, Li Tiezheng had a bright smile plastered on his face.
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