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Chapter 19 Cocky

  • Ling Yichen gently caressed her belly, lifted her chin, and said to her in a low voice, “Woman, whoever you will belong to in the future does not concern me; however, you are currently mine. That, you must remember! Also, do not think that you have the right to be cocky towards me just because you are carrying my child... One million means nothing to me. The fact that I could hire you means that I can hire someone else as well. Even if I don’t spend a single penny, as long as I beckon any woman with a wave of a hand, she will willingly birth me a child just the same. This child, to me and to you, will not be our only one.”
  • Tears immediately ran down her cheeks. Does he mean that this child is wanted if he pleases and unwanted if he doesn’t?
  • “Since he will not be your only child, then give him to me! I will return your money. Just give me some time and I’ll pay you back with interest, alright?”
  • Xia Mo didn’t dare to use her previous attitude and tone towards him. She knew very well her child will have to live under his care in the future. She didn’t have the power nor the potentiality to be cocky.
  • “I carried him inside of me for seven months already. I love him. I beg you. Please give him to me,” Xia Mo cried as she begged him, “I’ll even sign a contract with you. I’ll find a way to earn money and pay you within the shortest amount of time. Is that okay?”
  • “Earn money within the shortest amount of time? Do you plan to birth someone’s child and sell him too?”
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