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Chapter 189 Maltreatment

  • Although Li Tiezheng had not heard the entire conversation, he had heard enough to understand what was happening. So when Xia Mo wanted to dash out of his office right after ending the call, he hurriedly stood up to stop her.
  • "Where do you think you are going?"
  • "I...... I am going to the Ling's residence. Lu Wanqiu not only hits him, she is also starving him!" Xia Mo said frantically with reddened eyes.
  • "Wait for a while longer. I will give Ling Yichen a call." Inwardly, Li Tiezheng was cursing away at Ling Yichen.
  • What kind of man is that fellow? He can't even protect his woman and child! What a jerk!
  • But, just like what Lu Wanru had said, his phone was switched off.
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