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Chapter 182 Not Very Suitable

  • Lu Wanru was taken aback by his question. "I have never thought about breaking up with you. But I have just gotten a divorce. I don't think it's very suitable for me to move in with you right away."
  • "Then are you angry with me?" Regarding this incident, Li Baoyi truly thought that he bore some responsibility as well. But he lacked the power to resolve the problem.
  • "No, I am not." Lu Wanru shook her head and continued: "You bear no responsibility for this incident."
  • "Then will you please move in with me?"
  • Right now, Lu Wanru was a free woman. She had already gotten a divorce. In that case, they would be able to have their happily-ever-after ending once she moved in with him.
  • At that time, their relationship would be aboveboard and out in the open. And those people who had filmed them secretly would become criminals.
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