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Chapter 171 You Have No Right

  • Xia Mo nodded and continued to flip through the magazine.
  • In the meantime, Li Tiezheng took his phone into another room and shut the door tight. And only then did he answer the call.
  • "Hello? Mr. Ling, why are you giving me a call all of a sudden?"
  • "This is an unexpected surprise. To think you actually saved my number," Ling Yichen said heavily.
  • "Well, I can't afford to offend any of the big shots. That's why I always act cautiously." Li Tiezheng walked over to the window and looked at the scenery outside. "May I know the purpose of your call?"
  • "Let Xia Mo talk to me." Ling Yichen did not beat around the bush and went straight to the point. "I am looking for Xia Mo."
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