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Chapter 17 Insufferable

  • Ling Yichen had smoked a cigarette before he turned around to get in the car.
  • He drove her to the entrance of the house and followed her as she stepped out.
  • Xia Mo returned to the house that she had just left not long ago. Nausea rose up within her. She propped herself up against the wooden shelf and began to dry heave.
  • Before Ling Yichen could help her, Mrs. Feng and Xiao Cui rushed over, patted her on the back, and quickly fetched her a glass of water.
  • “Miss, what’s wrong?”
  • Xia Mo had gulped down mouthfuls of water before she was finally able to suppress the nausea. She rubbed her tears from the corner of her eye with a finger and comforted them, “I’m fine. I was feeling a bit unwell, so I went outside to the streets for a walk. I’m really sorry for making you guys worry about me.”
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