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Chapter 168 Sudden Incident at the Premiere

  • When night came, Li Tiezheng and Xia Mo arrived at the premiere's venue and walked into the hall together. And right away, they became the focus of the cameras' flashlights. For the premiere, Li Tiezheng had put on a pair of black pants, a dark blue shirt with diamond buttons and a black overcoat. As for Xia Mo, she was wearing a long curly hairstyle and a black knee-length coat.
  • In the face of all the attention, Xia Mo's hand started to tighten in Li Tiezheng's grip.
  • The latter lifted his other hand and gently patted Xia Mo's whitened fingers. And then, he inclined his head toward her with a gentle smile on his face. "Don't worry. I will tell them that they can only publish photos that have been beautified."
  • Xia Mo glared at him. "That's not what I am worried about."
  • "I know." Li Tiezheng smiled good-temperedly at her.
  • When the both of them stood before the stage, Xia Mo saw two celebrities she recognized: Fan Wei and Lin Ziling.
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