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Chapter 166 Because of Me?

  • With an arm around her waist, Li Tiezheng pushed Xia Mo into his car. And only after he had driven for a distance did he start explaining things to her: "Right now, the news outlets are saying that Starlight Media is pimping out its celebrities at high prices to powerful men."
  • "Is this happening because of me?" Xia Mo asked.
  • "We can't be sure yet whether they are targeting you or Starlight Media. In any case, such a rumor must not be allowed to spread," Li Tiezheng explained. "If it gets out, both you and the company will be dealt a severe blow."
  • Xia Mo took out her phone and asked, "Can I find those photos in the news articles?"
  • She knew that those must be photos of Ling Yichen, but she had no idea how they had been leaked to the press.
  • "Stop looking." Inwardly, Li Tiezheng was fuming mad. Although he could only see the man's back and Xia Mo's face in the photos, it was easy to tell what they had been doing then.
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